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From M’s story. It’s moving how much the intestinal complaints hindered her daily life. I am so happy for M. that this has now come to an end and she can enjoy it again! That’s what I do it for!

And to think that there are so many people with similar severe complaints. Know that there are options to determine and treat the cause!

Read her story below, written by M., 20 years old.

I have had intestinal problems all my life, this is also common in the family, so I had never looked for anything behind it. Until it became increasingly annoying in recent years. In fact, it became so annoying that it really started to take control of my life. I had huge cramps, sometimes a few times a day and was very tired. This really held me back in daily life.

I sought various medical help for this, and was always told that it was probably in my head, which I also heard a lot in my environment. I was told through the grapevine that Karen had an alternative way and that she was certainly open to helping me with this. 

From the start, Karen took me seriously, which alone was quite a relief! We performed several tests (which had not been offered to me before) and this provided a lot of clarity. I had a bad pathogenic bacteria in my intestines, but I also appeared to react very badly to different types of food, such as gluten. 

Then the treatment could start. I had to pay close attention to what I ate, because the bacteria were not allowed to grow further. I have also received other treatments to attack the bacteria. I also stopped eating the foods that I couldn’t tolerate, so I immediately noticed a difference. If I ate that due to a mistake, for example, I noticed it right away. 

This way my body finally had the space to recover with the right supplements. I had more energy, my concentration and mood improved. And the cramps and nausea were also gone. Looking back, it may have been years since I felt this good! 

I never expected that nutrition and supplements could change so much.

I really learned that intestinal complaints are not normal, and that it is certainly good to talk about it or have it looked at!

Experience story of M., 20 years old, intestinal complaints

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