Reducing complaints, improving energy…

With long-term success

My name is Karen,

Being able to contribute to reducing complaints, improving energy and growing in knowledge about personal health gives me enormous satisfaction.

My guidance is characterized as holistic and tailored to your personal situation. Taking into account your daily life, preferences and current patterns. How can we make it permanently healthier so that it still suits you?

I’ll take you by the hand!

Want to know what I can help you with?

I help you improve your intestinal health and regain control over misunderstood complaints.

Do you have a pregnancy wish? I will teach you how to optimally prepare and support your body for this. This miracle really requires more than just folic acid and good timing.

Would you like more information about one of the above topics? Easily schedule your free introductory meeting yourself!

How do I do that?

I always start with an extensive intake interview to get a good idea of ​​what causes your complaints. I prefer to combine this with laboratory research.

This will result in targeted advice in the areas of nutrition, lifestyle and supporting supplements.

Reviews & Story’s

It always gives me a huge boost when I can help people in their search for a better diet that reduces or even disappears completely. It makes life a lot more fun! That’s why I do it! Below are some nice statements that I have received from various clients about my guidance.

Experience of others…

“Miracles are still happening. Karen helped me so much with the nutrition, supplements and the things I needed. That a positive pregnancy resulted! It’s all so wonderful. Thanks to all her good advice, we are so proud that we succeeded. Karen is someone who is always there for you. She is always accommodating.”


“Karen’s advice has given me a lot of insight into my body and how it functions. It is clear to me which buttons I can turn and what that does. I really like that she is very focused on me as a person looks, asks questions and tailors her advice accordingly. I feel more energetic, less anxious and more decisive.”


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