I can recommend Karen to everyone

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Nathalie, a lady with years of intestinal complaints, was looking for someone who could give her nutritional advice. Below is her view on the guidance I offered her. 

 When I called Karen I got exactly the same feeling as I had with the website. It came across as authentic, without frills.

I had a very good telephone conversation with Karen, she was also very realistic, this is me, I can do this and I cannot do this yet. After this I let the conversation sink in for a while, this is not about Karen but this is about who I am. Ultimately I made the decision and continued with Nutrition Coach Vledder.

Karen comes across as knowledgeable and is fresh in her ideas and approach. She clearly indicated that she started very recently and is still training. Karen handled my request for help well and quickly and immediately came up with practical ideas and advice about nutrition. And no recipes with too many ingredients, but just something that is easy and quite simple to follow. Karen is not someone who works for you, but thinks along with you. She has a very low threshold.

Unfortunately, my trajectory has changed. In terms of nutrition, Karen has helped me a lot and my goal has been achieved, but with supplementation this turned out differently. This is not to the detriment of Karen because she helped me very well, had a lot of research done and wrote a good supplementation plan.
Karen explains everything very clearly and uses concrete examples. Through these examples you understand what she means and you make the link more easily.

When everything is calm again for me, I will definitely want Karen as a Nutrition Coach again.
And I will recommend Karen too!

In short, I will recommend Karen to everyone, Karen is fast, thinks out of the box, gives clear and good advice, the products she recommends are easy to purchase in the supermarket or other store. And she stands next to you, this is what I find very important and nice about Karen.

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