The best project you ever worked on!

You will achieve results with my detox program!

Do you want to

  • Want to kickstart your healthy lifestyle?
  • Lose a few kilos and stimulate your fat burning?
  • A reset of body & mind?
  • Want to boost your energy?
  • Support your body’s cleansing power?
  • More knowledge about the influence of nutrition on your body and mindset

Follow the Detox Program now!

DIY, but under supervision so that you achieve optimal results and can benefit from the guidance and knowledge of a certified Orthomolecular Specialist Detox (and expert by experience). You will have access to a number of videos with valuable knowledge and tips and during the treatment I will be there to monitor how your body reacts to the treatment. If necessary, we will also make minor adjustments in consultation if necessary.

What do you get during the Complete Detox Program?

The guidance takes place entirely online, is accessible, largely in a (group) app. So that you can always easily ask your questions.
  • A personal check takes place by means of a questionnaire;
  • An extensive knowledge session (video presentation) about the how and what of detoxing;
  • You will receive a complete package from Innerwave including:
  • 100% high quality natural nutritional supplements
  • Extensive manual with diagram
  • Daily menus with recipes
  • Weekly menus for another 4 weeks after the end of the treatment
  • Optioneel: kant-en-klare sappen, zelf bij te bestellen via bijvoorbeeld
  • Gedurende het programma monitor ik jouw ervaringen/vooruitgang en stuur waar nodig bij.
  • Het programma wordt afgesloten met mijn tips & trics hoe je nu verder je leefstijl blijvend gezonder kan maken.

Practical information

The program is structured in 3 phases:
Phase 1 – The preparation (5 days)
Phase 2 – Detox (juice/soup/smoothie) fasting (choice of 3 to 5 days)
Phase 3 – The build-up phase (4 days)
After everything you have read about the Detox Program, you are probably curious about what it costs.
This entire package only costs you:

€ 154,95

…and provides you with a wonderful boost and lifelong knowledge with which you can permanently improve your health.