Do you also long for a happy belly?

Shit happens, let’s fix it

Do you desire:

  • To a happy, calm stomach?
  • To go out without worrying, without having to worry about whether you can get to the toilet (on time)?
  • Tackling the cause of your complaints instead of treating the symptoms?
  • Feel confident about your body again?
  • Learn how your body works, how you can influence your gut feeling with nutrition?

During ‘DarmWijs’ I will dive into depth with you, it becomes clear what the cause of your complaints is so that they can be addressed in a targeted manner.

The program broadly has the following pillars: nutritional deficiencies are supplemented, disease-causing bacteria are reduced and your body’s self-healing capacity is improved.

Maybe you will be immediately enthusiastic when you read this, or maybe you still have questions.
The first step of this process is to plan a completely free and non-binding introductory meeting. So that you can get the answers to your personal questions about my guidance before you really get started!

DarmWijs Online cursus voedingscoach Vledder

Start with ‘DarmWijs’ today!

What do you get during DarmWijsOnline?

I share some of my knowledge with you via DarmWijsOnline.
Learn how you can improve your intestinal health from the comfort of your home!

  • More than 5 hours of knowledge videos about all facets of intestinal health
  • Learn which symptoms can be linked to certain causes of intestinal complaints
  • Receive practical tips to tackle the cause, you can get started right away!
  • Explanation about nutritional styles and when, which style you can best apply at the moment based on your complaints
  • General advice on relevant laboratory tests (stool and blood tests)
  • Explanation of how to restore the balance between pathogenic and protective intestinal bacteria
  • Access to the live Q&As

You can expand your knowledge from DarmWijsOnline with personal consultations to get the best out of it!

  • Personal advice on laboratory tests (blood and stool)
  • Personal nutritional advice
  • Personal supplementation advice/treatment plan

Good to know:

  • Persoonlijke begeleiding in mijn praktijk heeft mijn voorkeur, maar online behoort zeker tot de mogelijkheden!
  • Het DarmWijs komt op voorwaarden in aanmerking voor vergoeding van de zorgverzekering, het valt onder de natuurgeneeskunde (orthomoleculaire therapie)
  • Neem gerust contact met me op als jij nu al weet dat je een aantal persoonlijke consulten wil combineren met DarmWijsOnline, dan maak ik een aantrekkelijke pakketprijs voor je.
  • Personal guidance in my practice is my preference, but online is certainly an option!
  • Het DarmWijs is eligible for reimbursement from health insurance under certain conditions, it falls under natural medicine (orthomolecular therapy)
  • Please feel free to contact me if you already know that you want to combine a number of personal consultations with DarmWijsOnline, and I will make an attractive package price for you.

More experiences from others…

Karen has so much knowledge!

Karen has so much knowledge and knows how to convey this in a very accessible way! The DarmWijsOnline series is beautifully structured, very complete and gives you energy to get started with your intestinal health. Everything shows that Karen has an enormous passion for healthy food, intestines and poop. In the meantime, the pots of cabbage are fermenting here. Thank you Karen for these educational lessons!



Many pieces of the puzzle are now falling into place

This young lady actually didn’t know what to do anymore. Conventional medicine could not do anything for her to reduce her complaints. Specific advice could be given through laboratory studies (which, among other things, mapped the composition and disturbances in the intestinal microbiome and nutritional intolerances). And then it turns out that very healthy foods are not necessarily healthy for everyone, because some turned out to be clear causes of diarrhea complaints.

The progress that was achieved within a few weeks was also confrontational, after all (regularly) no treatment seemed possible (‘learn to live with it’ is unfortunately a frequently heard statement in hospitals for patients), while those treatment options really exist are.