I am doing fine! (I thought)

Ervaringen en verhalen

I thought all was well inside me. I eat healthy (lots of vegetables, varied, minimal refined sugars), exercise and exercise more than enough, drink a little more coffee than would be ideal and only enjoy a delicious glass of wine every now and then. I feel good, I have no complaints in my stomach or intestines.

Ok, I can think of one irritating and persistent ailment. I have been struggling for years with a fungal nail and sometimes some skin eczema-like complaints. Sometimes in my groin, sometimes on my foot and sometimes just below my modest bust.

You would think that these are separate, but that is not the case. All these signs indicate Candida Albicans. A persistent yeast (and often incorrectly called a fungus).

I have often tried external and local treatment with various remedies. You may know them; apple cider vinegar, baking soda, tea tree and a number of the commercial remedies that claim to solve it. That works on the skin, but the fungal nail?…it is still there.

Time for a different approach! This time from the intestines. How? My next blog will be about that.

Meer verhalen & ervaringen….