Clean Machine

Ervaringen en verhalen

The body is a technical tour de force, all kinds of mechanisms work together and influence each other.

Technical highlights must be properly maintained, including by using the best fuel. If you don’t do this, you will get glitches, disruptions, faster wear of parts, breakdowns and ultimately this will also hinder many other functions of the machine.

But by making different choices (based on, among other things, finances, influence by the environment and media, lack of time, etc.) we do not always nourish our body optimally. If mineral and vitamin deficiencies are not supplemented, our body begins to falter or even protest. You can then combat the symptoms by circumventing the problem for the short term (think of paracetamol), but people often forget to tackle the cause or improve it for the long term.

Addressing the cause and the long-term goals is what I think the focus should be. If you achieve a better average at the bottom, it will bring you closer to your goal.

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