Candida Albicans – Nutritional Plan de Campagne

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In an earlier blog (I’m doing fine! (I thought)) I already wrote that I tackle the Candida Albicans (C.A.) that resides in my body from the intestines. I will share how I do that with you in this blog .

The C.A. is a yeast (not a fungus as many think) and a yeast lives on sugars (glucose). The yeast grows really well there! The basis of my plan lies in avoiding sugars. But what do I have to leave behind for this? Because the body can also convert nutrients into sugars.

I therefore leave out not only refined sugars (table sugar) but also fast carbohydrates. Because my body also makes sugar (glucose) from it. Of course I don’t leave out all carbohydrates, because you can also find them in all kinds of vegetables and fruit.
In addition to fast carbohydrates, dairy also contains sugar (lactose), so I will also leave all dairy for the time being.

My plan goes one step further. I also leave out all grains (gluten-containing and gluten-free). Why that again? Because grains contain so-called ‘lectins’. Lectins have a negative effect on the intestinal mucosa. And I want to strengthen the intestinal mucosa. Because this is the barrier between the intestine and the rest of our body. This is not only beneficial for stopping the C.A. to wander through the body, but for numerous nutrients that our body would rather immediately remove because they simply do not contribute anything to our health or are even harmful.

What else do I eat? More than enough, and tasty too! But I will write more about that in the next blog!

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