The usefulness of 80/20

Ervaringen en verhalen

Is it necessary to live a 100% healthy life?

No! Your body has a self-healing capacity and it is also good to stimulate and activate this occasionally.
If you usually eat healthily, exercise, sleep and relax regularly, your body can handle the occasional stress stimulus very well.

And what the body experiences as stress goes beyond what we usually understand as stress, such as work stress. Unhealthy food is also a stress factor for your body. After all, it has to work to process the unhealthy food.

As long as this happens occasionally and in moderation, there is really nothing to worry about!
Your body is then able to process the stress and relax again.

In fact, if you always want to eat super healthy, it can actually cause an unhealthy amount of stress! Just think of a wonderfully relaxing dinner with your loved ones, the connection and conviviality that this brings is more valuable for your health at that moment than giving up that one glass of wine you are longing for.

If you pursue a healthy lifestyle 80% of the time and loosen the reins 20% of the time, you will achieve a nice balance that can be maintained in the long term for many.?

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