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A course of antibiotics, a parasitic infection, or long-term (unconscious) neglect of your intestinal health due to a diet that does not suit you. All possible causes that can lead to mouth-to-ass complaints.

And there you are, no longer knowing which food triggers your complaints. Or what you can do to get rid of your complaints. You may have already been to the doctor, or even had an intestinal examination in the hospital, but no cause for your complaints was found. Yet the complaints are there! They hinder your daily life, but a cause has not been found. And therefore not a sustainable solution. Know that this does not mean that you have to learn to live with it and do some research!

Learn to listen to your body, what does it indicate? Symptoms often tell a lot about the possible cause of your complaints. But more is possible!

In addition to the regular examinations performed in the hospital, many more laboratory tests are possible. Scientifically validated and detailed research into the composition of your intestinal microbiome. Inflammatory activity, digestive problems, presence of parasites/fungi/yeasts, nutritional intolerances, vitamin/mineral balance and so on.

Gain insight into the values ​​that are not optimal, so that you can work specifically to restore them naturally. Firstly with nutrition, what can you add to your daily diet to improve your health?

If your body is out of balance and does not have the necessary raw materials to maintain your health, problems will eventually arise that the body can no longer repair on its own. More is needed for that.

Find the cause (together with me) and from there let’s restore the balance with body’s own substances and natural food! Improve your energy, reduce your (pain) complaints so that you can start living again!

I love sharing my knowledge with you so that you benefit from it for a lifetime! Learn how to ensure good intestinal health. And that does not mean that you always have to eat and live super healthily, but it does mean that there is a healthy basis for maintaining your health or capacity to recover.

Good to know; guidance can also take place via online meetings.

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Lfs, Karen

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